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What to do before approaching franchisor?

Tags: Franchisor, Licensing, Brand, Due Diligence, Cleaning Service

April 30, 2015  |  Comments ( 0 )   |   Views ( 2996 )   |   


Mike Hanrahan started his management business in the domestic services sector in 1993. Ten years later having some 400 cleaners representing his brand on a weekly basis he founded domestic cleaning services firm, Maid2Clean. The franchise business was launched after 10 successful years of operation. Hanrahan has also authored a book titled The Lean Thinker - How to Franchise Your Business on a Shoestring Budget. Maid2Clean currently has 126 franchisees in 166 locations across the UK, Ireland, Malta and a bit in Canada. Talking about master licensing at the 12th International Franchise and Retail Show, Franchise India 2014, Hanrahan stresses on the importance of due diligence, understanding of the brand, company ethics and culture, customers say by the licensee before approaching the licensor.


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