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Mr Suchindra Kumar, Director, Advisory Services, EY, through his presentation talks the about future of jobs and its imperatives on Indian Higher Education. Dr Rajesh Tandon, Founder President, PRIA, UNESCO Co " Chair, gives his suggestions on the perspective models for higher education. According to him, the purpose of higher education is not just learning to do, but learning to be. Ms Takyiwaa Manuh, Director, Social Development Policy Division, UNECA, Ethiopia shares her experience as a university professor and the importance of higher education. She further talks about ECA and its responsibilities. Prof Anat Rafaeli, Director, Technion International, Israels Institute of Technology introduces herself and further gives a statistics of number of students and institutes in Israel. She speaks on Learn from the world, Learn for India. She talks about the changing culture in education with the introduction of laptops, tablets and technology. As per her, teachers should educate pupils to learn and think. Mr Yudhister Bahl, Sr Vice President, New Business Ventures & Operations, Laureate Education India, talks about how Laureate is contributing in the evolving models of the education sector. According to him higher education should focus of leadership, communication skills, empathy and ethics. He talks about LPA (Laureate Professional Assessment) and explains it in detail.


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