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Entrepreneurship Ecosystem by Gaurav Marya at TEDx Event

Tags: Entrepreneurship, TEDxFORESchool, Franchise India, Gaurav Marya, Entrepreneur

April 22, 2016  |  Comments ( 0 )   |   Views ( 2910 )   |   


Mr. Gaurav Marya - famously known as the Franchise King put focus on Entrepreneurship Ecosystem having three parts: Invention, Entrepreneur, and Execution at TEDxFORESchool. Mr. Marya went to US in a franchise show in search of business and got the idea of franchising. He then started Franchise India Holdings Limited and now his company holds over 120 franchise shows like those every year. He started Franchise India Holdings Limited which spearheaded the franchise revolution in India and has gone on to become Indias largest integrated franchise and retail Solution Company. The company sells over 2500 business every Year. He also said that to be an Entrepreneur, an individual needs firstly to build a Brand, the get the Key Team (Inner Circle) and last but not the least is to get Early Success.


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